Currie Cup Opener!

Being in South Africa, I’ve realized how sweat pants really are an essential part of my wardrobe. I didn’t bring any sweats because I figured I’d buy some from the campus store, but I swear, there is nowhere in Cape Town where one can buy sweat pants. NOWHERE! I don’t know what people wear in their homes when they’re done being in public (jeans? Why would I ever wear PANTS WITH A ZIPPER when I’m in my own home???) but it’s becoming an issue for me. Moral of the story, if you come to Cape Town, make sure you bring a pair of sweats. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT ON IN THE MORNING WHEN I DRINK MY COFFEE????

I’ve been coming down with a cold this past week, which is probably why the sweats are at the forefront of my mind. This weekend was pretty relaxing (I caught up on The Bachelor, and am now considering signing up for Juan Pablo’s season. My dad’s greatest fear is coming true), but the weather was nice again, so I did have to make use of it with an afternoon at Muizenberg (no surf this weekend, the waves were awful) and the Currie Cup opener!

Changing rooms at Muizenberg

Changing rooms at Muizenberg

I finally found the long line of change rooms that Muizenberg is famous for. I have no idea why people decided to make them, I’m just going with TIA (this is Africa) and the people wanted some colour on the beach.

Because crop tops on the beach are the best way to get over a cold

Because crop tops on the beach are the best way to get over a cold

I love going to Muizenberg – I’ve found a little dog-friendly cafe there I love called Slow Life. It has art for sale as well, and I’m currently in an internal debate trying to figure out how I would transport a wire sculpture made by a Zimbabwean artist back to Canada. My main option right now is to wear my wetsuit on the plane and carry a box with the sculpture and likely articles of clothing stuffed in it.

I’ve also found an amazing yoga studio close to my house, so I’ve been practicing at least three times a week (along with my 10k training!). I also went for my first practice 10k run this weekend and managed to get a sub-hour time, which I was pretty happy about considering the practice run included the run up into campus, which is an elevation gain of 280 feet. The course of the race I’m running in is essentially flat, so I’m hoping to get a pretty fast time!

Real life practice on a narrow beam!

Real life practice on a narrow beam!

After a lovely afternoon in Muizenberg, it was time for the highlight of the weekend (and another good way to get over a cold), the Currie Cup opener! The Currie Cup is the oldest provincial rugby tournament in the world, and is made up of teams representing the provinces, or certain regions within a province. There are six teams in the tournament, with the local team being Western Province. WP also happens to be the defending champs, and has won the Currie Cup the most out of any team.

Newlands Stadium at sunset

Newlands Stadium at sunset



This was my first match in Newlands stadium (just under 52, 000 capacity), which is where essentially all rugby is played in Cape Town. There has been talk of moving to the new stadium built for the FIFA World Cup, but Newlands has history – it’s where the 1995 World Cup was hosted – and WP Rugby Union has announced that they won’t be moving. The view in the stadium is awesome and the tickets are insanely cheap – we paid roughly $10.00CAD for what are considered some of the best seats.

WP colours conveniently match up with Queen's!

WP colours conveniently match up with Queen’s!

Try given to Western Province

Try given to Western Province

It was definitely an exciting match to watch, even with a lot of the best players training for Tri-Nations at the moment. We played really well in the first half, but terribly in the second half (and got really lucky when a forward from the Bulls with an open try line made a forward pass) and blew our lead. The match ended with some strong offensive play from the Bulls, allowing them to tie with Western Province.

There's always next time

There’s always next time

Next Saturday, we play the Cheetahs at Newlands again (same ticket prices!) so I’m sure I’ll be at that match as well!

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