Like Jimmy Brooks I got wheels

This past week the weather has not been awesome – I’m experiencing a real South African winter (it’s almost as bad as a Vancouver winter). Lots of rain and around 15 degrees. So most of the activities we’ve been doing have not been photo ops!

We went to the movies here, and much to my dismay, their movie theatre popcorn here is not like Canadian movie theatre popcorn. They serve you plain popcorn, and then you just add seasoning. So my primary junk food source is gone. I’m gonna get ripped.

Friday night I took it easy because my first club rugby match was this past Saturday! I’m playing with a team of women who are in the South African Navy (which I did not realize was a huge thing, but apparently it is). A lot of them are rookies, so I played fly half last match, which was actually a lot of fun. A couple of the girls on the opposing team play for the Lady Springboks, so it was good competition. The month of August there are no matches, but I’ll be practicing with them, so I’m looking forward to getting into it!

Saturday night, Hannah, Thea, Dan, Caroline, Julia, and I went to an Ethiopian restaurant downtown. It was a really cool experience – we ordered their set menu, which came with a starter, 8 different mains, two sides, dessert, and Ethiopian coffee. We also had Ethiopian honey wine, which was so delicious. They brought water to the table for you to wash your hands since there are no forks/knives, and you scooped all your food up with these pancake/crepe kind of things.

And today I finally got a car! It’s a Nissan, just like my car at home. The public transit here is really lacking, and not exactly safe to use alone (especially as a woman). The city is extremely spread out, and there is so much to see around Cape Town that not having a car seriously hampers your freedom. So I’m very excited to go on my first South African road trip!

Almost as nice as my Rogue!

Almost as nice as my Rogue!

Also, the weirdest thing about driving on the opposite side of the road is not actually driving on the opposite side of the road (though I feel like I’m in Grand Theft Auto whenever I drive here), it’s that the turn signal is also on the opposite side. So every time I tried turning today, I turned on my windshield wipers. Oops.

My ride in front of my house.

My ride in front of my house.

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