Pre-Weekend Update!

I just wanted to do a quick update before the weekend since I know my next post will be a long one!

The weather has been perfect this week! High 20s and I think we even hit 30 one day. As far as winter goes, I think I’m pretty ok with it.

Now that I have my car, I’ve been taking advantage of the weather and my mobility. Since I don’t have class Wednesdays or Fridays (and have every morning off), I’m able to do a lot outside before hitting the books.

I took Wednesday off any kind of work to go surfing all morning. I bought myself a wet suit, which I’m probably going to have to wear on the plane back to Canada to fit everything in my suitcases. There’s a little suburb of Cape Town called Muizenberg, and it’s pretty popular for surfing. It’s only about a twenty minute drive from my house, and it’s beautiful, so that will be my go-to beach for now.

The beach at Muizenberg

The beach at Muizenberg

Since it’s winter, it wasn’t too crowded.

Private beach

Private beach

And don’t worry, Mom and Dad, I’ve got the shark system all figured out!

Shark Spotters. It looks open-ish

Shark Spotters. It looks open-ish

After surfing, I headed to a rugby club ten minutes up the road for practice. When my coach saw my wetsuit, he offered to lend me a short board for the time that I’m here. So I should have my own board next week and I’ll start learning how to short board! Every time I’ve surfed in Canada it’s been with a long board, so it’ll be an experience, but I’m looking forward to it!

After rugby I headed back to the beach for a quick nap. How to spot a Canadian at the beach in winter? She’ll be wearing a bikini. All the other women were bundled up in sweaters and scarves. Come on ladies, I’ve been doing the polar bear dip since I was eight. Get real.

My nap was followed by an awesome yoga class at a studio close to my house, and then a driving experience in which Hannah and I tried to go downtown, ended up taking a wrong turn and driving through the Cape Town port authority. We met some lovely policemen who directed us to the waterfront via the route used for unloading goods at the port, which meant I had to open my trunk and go through two checkpoints. Next time, I know the exit I’m meant to take comes up quite a bit sooner than what I thought.

This weekend, Hannah, Dan, Thea and I are heading on our first South African road trip (and Hannah’s first road trip ever). I don’t know if road trips are more of a Canadian thing, or if I’m just a super hick road warrior, because the fact that I grew up in a town four hours from any city seems ridiculous to everyone I talk to here.

I’m very excited to let you know what we get up to this weekend! It involves ostriches, meerkats, cheetahs, and caves. Among other things. And it’s also a celebration of my one month anniversary with South Africa!

One response to “Pre-Weekend Update!

  1. I think road-trips are totally a Canadian/North American thing – it just takes so freaking long to get anywhere, we needed to make it a ‘thing’ or else go nuts. A friend of mine from the UK once observed that Canadians think of distance the way Europeans think of time – like, we think nothing of a trip of a few hundred km while they think anything younger than a few hundred years old isn’t really anything remarkable. NOW SEND ME A LION.

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